Fondazione Memofonte

Palazzo Barocchi

per la donazione del 5 per mille specificare il C.F. 94141530488

Founded in Florence in 2000 by Paola Barocchi, when it was only an association, Memofonte proposed the on-line publication of text and figurative fonts (documents) that were not easy to consult and have at hand in the ambit of artistic historiography and of history of collections from XV to XX century. Having become a Foundation (since December 2006), MEMOFONTE aims at reinforcing its identity and being more available for institutional purposes in order to offer updated instruments of research and conservation in the field of Beni Culturali (Cultural Assets). The Foundation also aims at giving a contribution to the long experience of traditional editors (linked to the Studio per Edizioni Scelte S.P.E.S.) in order to offer an easy comparison of various fundamental editions and the access to unedited manuscripts that, because of their entity, can only be data managed through computers. The results obtained in quality of offered materials and in strong fruition, suggest the promotion of new collaborations with Cultural Boards and Universities, in order to improve the Archives that up to now have been created with a method focused on various research projects.
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